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Our Deep Web Search tool is an easy way of locating important information about people.

Scan the internet to find:

  • Photos
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  • Professional interests
  • Social Networking Profiles
  • Archives and publications
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Our criminal record database is second to none!

Criminal Records reports include:

  • Arrest & convictions
  • Felonies & misdemeanor
  • Sex offenders
  • Mug shots
  • Criminal driving infractions
  • Court and probation records
  • And more.


Whether you want to locate an old friend, a long lost family member, or a simply look up an unfamiliar phone number you can do it all with our People Search feature. Look up peoples:

  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Address history
  • DOB
  • Relatives and associates


Our Background Investigation ser-vices can help you uncover informa-tion people do not want you to know.

Reports include:

  • Court Records
  • Marriage/Divorce Records
  • Birth Records
  • Death Records
  • Property Records
  • Asset Information

Reverse Phone Lookup – All You Need To Know Is Here

harassing prank calls victimWhen your phone rings and you look at the caller ID, more often than not, you probably see that it is a private caller or the number is blocked. The whole idea behind caller ID was that you would be able to see who was calling you, but obviously that hasn’t worked out that way. There are many ways that companies and individuals are able to hide their true identity and you could end up either missing an important call or picking up a call that they really didn’t want to accept. With a reverse phone lookup service, you won’t have to worry about that anymore.

What Is Reverse Phone Lookup & How It Works?

A reverse phone lookup is an online service that provides access to a huge database of phone numbers and helps you look up the owner of an unknown phone number you came across, trace the harassing prank callers or just to find the whereabouts of your old friends and relatives.traditional telephone directory search

Remember the days when everyone had a huge telephone directory at home listing the name, address and phone number of an individual and business? And we have to browse through these directories whenever we need to find someone’s phone number. Now, the advancement in Internet and communication technology has made it possible to convert those huge phone directories into electronic form and store them in specialized databases which the user can easily access through a simple interface. So, basically a reverse phone lookup is just like a traditional phone directory, but in electronic form that’s works in a reverse way. The reverse lookup feature makes it easier to associate the identity of the caller with the corresponding phone number. All you have to do is insert the phone number in the search box, hit the search button and the number will be associated with its owner. Conducting a similar lookup using the traditional phone directories will consume a lot of time as we have to go through each and every listing in the directory which are sorted by Name.

Due to this quick, effective and hassle free process, a reverse phone lookup proves to be an ideal solution in many different situations.

Uses of Reverse Phone Lookup

While you might think that the only reason you would use a reverse phone lookup service would be to get rid of those intimidating, annoying and harassing prank calls by tracing the identity of the prank caller, but it’s a perfect tool to have in many different situations. A few of such scenarios are:

Trace the Identity Behind an Unknown Phone Number: Ever came across an unknown phone number on your phone bill or don’t recognize the number scribbled on a piece of paper? Have you missed a phone call from an unknown number and want to find who the phone number belongs to? Conducting a reverse phone lookup will help you easily identify the person behind such unknown numbers.

Find your Old Friends and Relatives: A reverse lookup service also provides access to millions of public records and an unlimited people search option to search for your old friends and relatives. You can search them by their name and get their current address and phone numbers which will help you reunite with them.

stalker victimSafeguard your Family and Kids: Advancement in communication technology, Internet and Social Networking sites has made our family and kids prone to Kidnappers, Sex Offenders, Stalkers and other criminals. In online world no one ever knows whether they are interacting with a real person or a fake individual with ill intentions. So it’s always advisable to investigate about their background history, criminal or police records before meeting them in real world. The same holds true for children. With their cell phone log and a reverse lookup you can find information about the person your kids are talking to and spending time with. With discounted criminal records and background checks you can further investigate about the person in depth.

Is your spouse cheating you?: Do you suspect your spouse is having an affair? Have you found any phone number they repeatedly call or receive calls from? If so, you can reverse lookup the phone number to identify the person before confronting your partner. If your suspicion turns out to be true you can take some legal action.

What Information Can I Get?

A paid reverse phone lookup compiles information from various public and private sources so as to provide every bit of data about the phone number you are looking for. Each phone lookup report consists of the following information;

  • Full Name of the Phone Number Owner
  • Current Residential Address
  • Connection Type – Landline/Mobile
  • Phone company or Carrier
  • Issuing Location
  • Previous Address(If any)

reverse phone lookup reportWith a premium membership you can get access to millions of public records, including;

  • Unlimited Free reverse phone lookups for Landline and Listed phone numbers.
  • Unlimited Free People Searches
  • Discount on criminal records and background checks
  • And much more

What’s The Cost?

The cost of a reverse phone lookup service depends on the type of phone number you are looking up. Usually, you can reverse look up a Landline, Residential, Businesses and Toll Free numbers for Free. These phone numbers are listed in public directories and can be easily looked up using,, and Yahoo People Search. Previously, Google also had their PhoneBook Tool, but they discontinued this service. All the above sites provide free reverse phone lookup for listed phone numbers. Their database contains more than 80 percent of Business and Residential numbers operating in USA. You can get basic information like caller’s name, address, approximate age etc. but the information you receive can be outdated, inaccurate and unreliable as the free directories access those information from public sources which can be modified by anyone.

Free reverse phone directories works great for tracing listed phone numbers, but they severely fails when it comes to cell phone and other unlisted phone numbers. So, to trace a mobile phone number owner, you have to conduct a paid reverse phone lookup.

Why There Aren’t Any Free Reverse Cell Phone Lookups?no free reverse cell phone lookup

Cell phone numbers or wireless numbers are issued by individual private companies like Verizon, ATT, Sprint etc. rather than regional phone providers. Due to this, mobile phone owner information is harder to access and compiled into online database. Also, they maintain the privacy of their subscribers by ensuring that their users’ data are not shared in any public and free phone directories. That’s why more and more people choose cell phone number as they are considered private. If the users’ information is made available for free they can be misused by stalkers, sex offenders and other criminals for harassing us.

However, the mobile carriers lease their phone records to private paid reverse phone lookup companies for investigation and other legal purpose.

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